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Your massage should be a fun, friendly, relaxing experience! If you are curious about what people often ask or have something you are not sure about, then read our answers below to some of the questions we are often asked.

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  Whereabouts are you located ?

we are a mobile massage service operating in China and some surrounding areas. our therapists will visit you at your home, hotel or office. sorry, we do not have any in-call facilities for you to visit.

  What times are you open ?

We Povied Our services for 24/7

  Do i need to provide anything for the massage ?

Nothing At all!

  What i wear when i have a massage ?

for all oil massage you should undress. and it's up to you.

  Can I ask for a specific Girl for massage ?

Sure. you can, You may select the girl according to your city Beijing Girl | Guangzhou Girl | Shanghai Girl

  How do i book ?

By Call Us On +86 165 005 51 026

  What i need to make the booking ?

For Hotel Booking You need to Give us the following information
A - The City You Stay on
B - Hotel Phone Number
C - Your Room Number
D - Your First Name
E - Your Last Name

For Home Booking You Need To Give us following information
A - The City you Stay On
B - Road Name
C - Road Number
D - Near Road
E - Building Number
F - Apartment Number

  What kind of massage should i Ask for ?

We Offer too many Type of massage the Most Popular Massage is Chinese Massage and the Oil Massage Please Visit This Page for more type of Massage

  Should i talk to the Girl during the massage ?

Sure Feel Free to do it

  I don't want the therapist to touch a certain part of my body ?

if you don't like a particular part of your body touched or are just self-conscious about a certain body area, just ask your therapist to avoid that area. remember you can click on Focus Man in our Online Booking Form to choose your favourite focus areas. we also have therapies which are done through clothing, such as thai massage

  The pressure isn't right for me, what should i do ?

please don't worry about upsetting your therapist - just let them know immediately and they will be more than happy to hear how best to adjust the pressure to suit your personal preferences. we are all different and prefer different pressures and styles at different times.

  How do I pay ?

We Accept Cash Only with USD Euro RMB.

  Am i supposed to tip my therapist ?

tipping is totally up to you. the only pressure our therapists want you to feel is the deeply relaxing one you'll get from one of their massages

  How long can I book my Massage for ?

1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours and all night, but the most popular booking is 1.5 hours please Visit This Like For More information.

  What if i get an erection during the massage ?

that understand and the girl will know what to do dont worry.

  Happy endings - what are they and can I get one ?

a common question in the massage industry, so we prefer to deal with it rather than pretend it never gets asked. happy endings refer to certain acts which are carried out at the end of a sexually orientated massage. we are a friendly, grown-up team, who are happy to answer your questions including 'embarrassing' ones openly and with a smile - its just a hand job.

  Can i cancel my booking ?

we understand that unexpected changes can happen.

  How long it will take the girl to arraive ?

Not More than 30 min

  Do I need to pay aby extra fee ?

Just two way taxi fee, the girl will show you the taxi receipt

  Hold On my question hasn't been answered ?

no problem, just send us an email by clicking here and we'll be happy to answer it!

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